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The Gordie Center offers a series of harm reduction Instagram posts, infographics, and short videos that meet students where they are to help them protect the things they value. Please download and use these free resources, and be sure to tag the Gordie Center! We also offer virtual 1-hour presentations and trainings for a fee.

Short Educational Videos:

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View our videos on YouTube to find the embed code for each one. This will allow you to embed the video on your website or in your presentations (click the Share arrow at the bottom of the video, and look for the <Embed> code). You can also share them on your social media directly from YouTube. We have also included the full video files for download below if you want to save the .mov file or share to Instagram.

Instagram Graphics:

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Safe Halloween Campaign

Halloween 1     Halloween 2     Halloween 3     Halloween 4     Halloween 5     Halloween 6     Halloween - Save a Life     Halloween story

International Overdose Awareness Day - August 31 #EndOverdose

International Overdose Awareness Day social media image

Cannabis Overdose Instagram Campaign:

Cannabis Overdose 1     Cannabis Overdose 2     Cannabis Overdose 3     Cannabis Overdose 4     Cannabis Overdose 5

Hallucinogen Overdose Instagram Campaign:

Hallucinogen Overdose 1     Hallucinogens Overdose 2     Hallucinogens Overdose 3     Hallucinogen Overdose 4     Hallucinogen Overdose 5

MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly) Overdose Instagram Campaign:

MDMA Overdose 1     MDMA Overdose 2     MDMA Overdose 3     Hallucinogen Overdose 4     MDMA Overdose 5

Opioid Overdose Instagram Campaign:

Opioid Overdose 1     Opioid Overdose 2     Opioid Overdose 3     Opioid Overdose 4     Opioid Overdose 5

Stimulant Overdose Instagram Campaign:

Stimulant Overdose 1     Stimulant Overdose 2     Stimulant Overdose 3     Stimulant Overdose 4     Stimulant Overdose 5

Alcohol Overdose Instagram Campaign:

Alcohol Overdose 1     Alcohol Overdose 2     Alcohol Overdose 3     Alcohol Overdose 4     Alcohol Overdose 5     Alcohol Overdose 6     Alcohol Overdose 7     Alcohol Overdose 8     Alcohol Overdose 9     Alcohol Overdose 10

Overdose and Tolerance Instagram Campaign:

Overdose and Tolerance 1     Overdose and Tolerance 2     Overdose and Tolerance 3     Overdose and Tolerance 4     Overdose and Tolerance 5     Overdose and Tolerance 6     Overdose and Tolerance 7     Overdose and Tolerance 8

When to Call Poison Control Instagram Campaign:

When to Call Poison Control     When to Call Poison Control 2     When to Call Poison Control 3     When to Call Poison Control 4     When to Call Poison Control 5     When to Call Poison Control 6     When to Call Poison Control 7     When to Call Poison Control 8

Medical Amnesty Instagram Campaign:

Medical Amnesty 1     Medical Amnesty 2     Medical Amnesty 3     Medical Amnesty 4     Medical Amnesty 5     Medical Amnesty 6     Medical Amnesty 7     Medical Amnesty 8     Medical Amnesty 9

Is It Hazing? Instagram Campaign:

Is It Hazing?     Answering yes to the following questions could indicate hazing     Are there penalties for exposing group secrets?     Are activities causing you emotional and/or physical distress?     Would you feel uncomfortable if your parents were watching?     Could pictures of this activity keep you from getting a job?     A yes to any of the previous questions can indicate hazing     Hazing can happen to anyone

What to Do if You're Being Hazed Instagram Campaign:

What to do if you're being hazed     Hazing definition     Check in. Are other members of the group concerned?     Speak up with others who are concerned.     Stay connected with friends outside of the group.     Use an excuse to get out of an activity, such as "I'm sick" or I need to go home this weekend."     Talk confidentially with someone you trust or visit your counseling center.     Leave the group to join a group that shares more of your values.     Hazing can happen to anyone

Worried about a Friend? Instagram Campaign:

Worried about a Friend?     Share your concerns directly     Encourage open conversation     Remind them about your support     Encourage them to reach out     Continue to follow up     Hazing can happen to anyone

Hazing Bystander Intervention Instagram Campaign:

Bystander     There are 5 steps to being an active bystander     Step 1 - Notice     Step 2 - Know if it's a problem     Step 3 - Decide it's your responsibility     Step 4 - Know how to help     Step 5 - Step up!     It's the right thing to do.     Hazing can happen to anyone

AOD and COVID-19 Instagram Campaign:

Drinking alcohol may compromise your immune system     Lower-risk precautions for designated drivers     Sharing cups is risky     Smoking or vaping may make you more vulnerable to COVID-19

COVID-19 Safer Socializing Instagram Campaign:

COVID-19 Socializing - Crowd Size     COVID-19 Socializing - FOMO     COVID-19 Socializing - Cleanliness     COVID-19 Socializing - Distance with Masks     COVID-19 Socializing - Sharing is Risky


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Alcohol and Self Care Infographic          Guide to Hosting a Safer Event Infographic

How to Host a Safer Event Video Facilitation Guide