Save a life. Make the Call.

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Wake up call

Winona, Minnesota

Following a long night of drinking, a student found a friend vomiting in the bathroom. After the friend vomited, he became unresponsive and was barely breathing. His friends made the decision to call 911 and got him the help he needed. "I thank God that we called." It was a call that saved their friend's life and also woke him up to the dangerous drinking behaviors he was engaging in.

Trusting your instincts

Ft. Worth, Texas

A college student returned to her dorm to find a friend passed out and vomiting blood after a night of drinking. She called campus security and was told to lay her friend on his side and keep an eye on him - "he will sleep it off." The student had seen HAZE and knew he was in trouble, so she took him to the emergency room where she was told he was suffering from alcohol poisoning and could have died had she not taken action.

Taking care of yourself

Dallas, Texas

A college student had been out drinking with friends. When he returned to the dorm, he began vomiting and passing in and out of consciousness. At the beginning of the semester, his school had distributed stickers with the signs for alcohol poisoning and the phone number for help. The student saw one of the stickers in the bathroom and called for help.

I knew we should call

Dallas, Texas

A high school student was out with friends who were drinking. When they were walking home, one of the friends passed out in a field. Many of the friends suggested they take her home and put her in bed to "sleep it off." Having volunteered at the Gordie Foundation and knowing Gordie's story, one friend knew they needed to get help. She took the friend home and woke the parents. The intoxicated girl was transported to the hospital where she was treated for alcohol poisoning.

I don't care if you're scared


When J.T. had trouble reaching her best friend, who was out partying with friends, via cell phone, she began to call the phones of those who were out with her. When someone finally answered, they told JT her friend was really sick, but did not tell her where they were. JT eventually located them, but by that time her best friend was struggling to breathe and she was turning blue. Those that were with her still did not want to call for help -- they were afraid they would get in trouble. JT called a male friend and they managed to get her best friend away from the others and to a hospital. Her best friend had alcohol poisoning with a BAC of 0.37, but survived because JT stood up for a friend in need.

Doing the right thing

Resident Assistant
Newport, Rhode Island

Three college freshman girls returned to their dorm after a night out. When they entered the bathroom, they saw a girl passed out on the floor. Having seen HAZE, they knew the danger the girl was in and immediately got help from the Resident Assistant.

Are they really your friends?

Cleburne, Texas

A high school student was out drinking with friends. When she started showing signs that she was in trouble, her friends dropped her off in the alley behind a local convenience store and called her cousin. When her cousin picked her up, she knew she was in trouble and called for help.