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The Gordie Center has a clear call-to-action: end hazing and substance misuse among college and high school students nationwide. Quality hazing and alcohol overdose prevention education for ALL students and families is an urgent and critical need. Your gift to the Gordie Center makes that lifesaving education possible--you empower students with the tools to speak out against hazing and know when to call 911.

At the Gordie Center, we are passionate in our belief that ALL students deserve access to quality hazing and alcohol overdose prevention education. The Gordie Center’s current campaign is to raise $5 million so that we can provide our evidence-informed, student-tested materials and programs for free to all students and families nationwide. We need your help to achieve our goal! When you give to the Gordie Center, you are saving lives. In the 15 years since Gordie's alcohol overdose hazing death, at least 66 more students have died. Together, how many hazing and alcohol overdose deaths can we prevent in the next 15 years?

In support of our call-to-action, the Gordie Center identifies key initiatives that will further the impact of Gordie's story and broaden the outreach of the Gordie Center nationwide. Our current national campaign initiatives are:

  • Share Gordie's story through the 2018 updated HAZE documentary and facilitator’s guide for high school, college, and community presentations. The 2018 version of HAZE strengthens the film's focus on hazing and Gordie's story, ensuring the documentary remains a relevant tool on campuses today.
  • Develop a Gordie Center resources package that can be sent free-of-charge to schools and institutions nationwide. This resources package will introduce Gordie to previously untapped audiences by sharing Gordie’s story and providing samples of the resources available for purchase from the Gordie Center.
  • Support hazing and alcohol overdose prevention efforts on campuses nationwide, including our home at the University of Virginia. The Gordie Center develops evidence-informed, student-tested products (including our GORDIEcheck BAC cards, mirror clings and magnets with the signs of alcohol overdose, koozies, and posters) to share Gordie's story and provide institutions with a trustworthy source of products to enhance their prevention efforts.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the Gordie Center has already begun implementing initiatives funded by the national campaign (check out the 2018 version of HAZE and our Student-Athlete BAC card!), but our work is not done. Please help us increase the reach of Gordie's message by donating today!

Donations to the Gordie Center support the continuation and enhancement of Gordie Center programs and initiatives nationwide, and at our University of Virginia home. Your gift to the Gordie Center will support and advance program creation, evaluation and distribution, with the ultimate goal of ending hazing and substance misuse, and promoting safe and effective bystander intervention nationally.

Donations of any size help us reach students with our critical message. Specific funding opportunities range from $50 (to donate 100 GORDIEcheck/BAC cards for a college, high school, or community group) to $300 (to donate the 2018 version of the HAZE documentary to a college, high school, or community group) to $2,500 (to perform in-person outreach with communities, schools, and institutions nationwide).

To make a tax-deductible donation to the Gordie Center by credit card, please visit our donation page. For checks, please use the address below: 

The Gordie Center Fund
University of Virginia
PO Box 800139
Charlottesville, VA 22908

If you would like to donate stocks and bonds, mutual fund shares, or other types of planned gifts, please visit University of Virginia Giving and follow the instructions located there to make those gifts.  To ensure that your donation supports our mission, please designate the Gordie Center as the recipient of those donations.

The Gordie Center is a supported program of the University of Virginia and, as such, is exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Gifts to the Gordie Center at the University of Virginia are considered tax-deductible.

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