GORDIEcheck BAC Cards

GORDIEcheck BAC Cards -- $25 per pack of 50

GORDIEcheck BAC cards are evidence-informed, student-tested BAC cards that are small, easy to read, and fit perfectly in students' wallets. The cards are an excellent resource to have on hand for students at university health offices and are perfect to give out at educational presentations, freshman orientations, college residendence halls, and during National GORDIEday. GORDIEcheck BAC cards contain a standard drink conversion chart, BAC charts for men and women, the PUBS symptoms of alcohol overdose, as well as tips to maintain a lower BAC (see below). These cards have been purchased for distribution by over 150 institutions nationwide, and can be customized to include your institution's logo (please contact us to discuss customization pricing!).


GORDIECheck BAC Card image

The front side of the card defines standard drink measurements for beer, wine, and liquor, as well as provides a standard drink equivalency chart.  In addition, it features the PUBS symptoms of alcohol overdose as well as tips to successfully maintain a lower blood alcohol concentration while drinking.

The reverse side of the card features blood alcohol concentration predictions based on number of drinks, time, weight, and gender. This information can be vital for students attempting to determine a dangerous level of consumption and whether or not to call for help in life-threatening situations.