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Updated Planning Guide, GORDIEday Teaser Campaign, Pledge to Check
June 1, 2017

National GORDIEday and NHPW Planning Guide

Download the National GORDIEday Planning Guide for program ideas and tips for hosting a successful event!

2016 Planning Guide


GORDIEday Teaser Campaign

Introducing a brand new program to your community can often be a challenge. Students are constantly inundated with advertisements and messages, so it can be hard to stand out among all the competition. This teaser campaign is designed to pique interest in learning more about Gordie and the GORDIEday campaign. Use these campaign flyers (featured on Page 10 of our 2017 National GORDIEday Planning Guide) to spark curiousity among your campus community and generate discussion about Gordie.

Teaser Flyer                       Reveal Flyer B

Remember Gordie  Remember Gordie

Pledge to Check

It's easy to say you know the signs of alcohol overdose, but are you willing to tell the world that you will intervene, check for the signs, and be the one to make the call for help when you see even just one PUBS symptom?  If so, take the Pledge to Check.

Be a voice for someone who may not have one.  

Pledge to Check image  Pledge image

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